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Water Quality Measurement Equipment

  • WaterWatch²

    Description :

    Online Monitoring at its best

    The WaterWatch² range includes the core products of Partech’s online parameter monitoring across wastewater and drinking water treatments, covering parameters that are key to process control, optimisation and discharge monitoring. The sensors range from our highly regarded TurbiTechw² Suspended Solids sensors, the optical and galvanic OxyTechw² Dissolved Oxygen sensor and the highly sensitive OilTechw² detector for visible floating oil on water.

    At the heart of the range is the highly flexible and intuitive 7300w² monitor which allows the user to carry out configuration and calibration of between one and eight sensors and provides local display of the measured values along with output signals and alarms. Systems are easy to upgrade if additional measurements are required, with control and data logging options available if necessary.

  • sludgewatch

    Description :
    The comprehensive SludgeWatch range goes from the delightfully straightforward portable 715 to the fully featured Ultra. We offer the choice of infrared and ultrasonic operating principles as well as fixed point and continuous monitors.

    The 8100 Monitor adheres to the ‘keep it simple’ philosophy, providing a high blanket alarm that is ideal for triggering an auto-desludge sequence or for alerting operations staff to the need for attention. Maintenance is exceptionally easy and can easily be included in general site housekeeping measures. When more sophisticated control is required the ASLD2200 and Ultra products are ideal, providing a continuous reading of the depth of the sludge blanket, allowing tank balancing, and variable pumping speeds during de-sludging.

    Use of these sludge blanket monitors will help improve sludge and effluent quality, and will allow effective control of returned activated sludge.

  • portable

    Description :
    Simple to use, highly effective portable monitoring solutions to aid process optimisation.

  • Colorimetric Analysers

    Description :
    Highly flexible range of colorimetric analysers for the monitoring of nutrients and metals such as phosphate, ammonia, iron and aluminium.

  • Other Partech Products

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    Legacy products and more from the Partech portfolio.

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