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Signal Converter/Isolator

  • Surge Protections Devices - S400

    Description :
    S400 High Efficiency Power Surge Protections are designed to protect systems and electrical equipment against transient and pulse overvoltage.

  • K-Line

    Description :
    Compact converters isolators:
    Measurement conversion:14 bit
    Accuracy class:0.1%
    Isolation:1,5 kVac 3-way
    Dimension:102,5 x 93,1 x 6,2 mm
    Connections:via spring clamp and/or bus
    Power supply range:19,2..30 vdc
    Power supply technique:via side terminals or SMART SUPPLY system
    Configuration:DIP Switch
    Low consumption:max 24 mA
    Protection:digital decoupling of input signal; protection circuit of output over current

  • Z_Line

    Description :
    Z Line - Multi-standard converters isolators:
    Input:analog(mA,A,mV,V,Ohm),sensor(TC,RTD,load cell),pulse
    Connection:2,5mm 2 screw terminal blocks
    Programming:dip-switch,software(Z-Setup2),hand-held calibrator(Test-3)
    Power supply:Vac/Vdc switching
    Power transducers:min 20 Vdc
    Isolation:1,5...4 kVac
    Width:17,5 mm

  • T_Line

    Description :