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Remote I/O

  • Modbus RTU I/O Module

    Description :
    Z-PC Line - Modbus I/O:

    Z-PC Modbus is a modular system able to manage from simple to complex applications (up to thousands I/O’s) Z-PC includes the a various I/O’s with digital input, high-speed counters, digital outputs and relay/mosfet, analog input (mA, V Ohm, mV), strain gauges, RTDs, thermocouples.

    It also guarantees the highest concentration data. For example, up to 24 digital or 8 analog signals. The backplane (bus & power wiring) for DIN rail is modular and available with 1, 2, 4, 8 slots. The modules are Hot-swapping, without power failure and communication.

  • Canopen I/O Module

    Description :
    Z-PC Line - CANopen I/O:
    Programming system: IEC 61131 (CoDeSys, Isagraf)
    Precision: 0, 01...0, 05%
    Isolation: 1, 5 kVac (up to 6 way)
    Response time: 1 ms (digital channel), 20 ms (analog channel)
    Baud rate: 1 Mbps
    Profile: CiA 401 v.2.01
    Control unit: Master CANopen with Ethernet interface
    Analog modules: mA, V, TC, RTD, load cell
    Digital modules: Up to 24 DI / 24 DO