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CPU Units

  • Flow Computer

    Description :
    Controllers with I/O integrated mid-range for dedicated and vertical applications such as pump controlling, process control and calculating / adjusting the flow of vapors.

  • CPU

    Description :
    SENECA offers a full range of multifunction CPU modules with integrated PLC,web servers,RTU,datalogger, Ethernet,Modbus and CANopen bridge.Ideal for small to medium automation and remote control systems,CPUs are equipped with serial interfaces RS232/RS485 Modbus Master/Slave and 10-100 Mbps Ethernet interface for direct connections to PC.The configuration (Z-NET3) and programming (ISaGRAF, CoDeSys) systems are compliant to IEC 61331.

  • RTU

    Description :
    Remote Control Units:
    Integrated remote control units with multi-function CPU and serial/Ethernet communication ports,GSM(GPRS,PSTN) modem on-board,protected and isolated I/O terminal blocks.General purpose,battery and cathodic protection versions.
    Z-RTU-Remote control integrated unit
    M-RTU-GP-Battery powered telemetry unit
    M-RTU-PC-Battery powered telemetry unit for cathodic protection
    Z-GPRS-GSM/GPRS unit with ModBUS interface