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Z-LOGGER3 is a datalogger with built-in I/O's and Ethernet interface. The device is configured as master unit of Z-PC Line remote I/O system. This datalogger offers high performance for data acquisition, data storage, wireless data transmission, measurements and alarms (also voice alarms). Z-LOGGER3 unit operates as a ModBUS master unit on the RS485 serial communication port. The free software package SEAL 2 allows Z-LOGGER3 to control logics, automation routines, alarms, thresholds, timers and the reports management.

Technical Specification

Power supply :11..40 Vdc

19..28 Vac

Power consumption : 2 W (standby)

6,5 W (max)

Isolation : 1500 Vac

Protection degree :     IP20

LED status : Ethernet


Communication (RX/TX)

Power supply

Operating temperature :-10..+50°C

Dimensions (LxHxP) : 35x100x112 mm

Digital inputs : N° 4 channels PNP, NPN (counters @32bit up to 30 Hz), 30 Vdc max input voltage

Analog inputs : N° 2 channels, range 0..20 mA, 0..30 V, 16 bit

Digital outputs :N° 2 relays output SPDT max 2 A 250 Vac

Ethernet port : N° 1 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)

Serial ports :N° 1 RS485 ModBUS Master, programmable baud rate

N° 1 RS485/RS232, programmable baud rate via terminals

USB interface :MicroUSB

Modem :No

Supported protocols :Ftp, Smtp, http, ModBUS TCP, ModBUS RTU

Programming software :SEAL 2.1 and later versions

Backup battery           :Yes (battery lasts about 60 minutes)

On/off button :Yes

Comands and vocal Allarms :Yes

CPU : K64 120 MHz

RAM : 256 kB

Flash (program storage) : 1 MB

Flash (serial storage) : 8 MB

MicroSD slot : Push-pull slot. SD supported up to 32 GB

Datalogging : Measurement, alarms, events, logging on Micro SD card (max 32 GB) or onFlash. Synchronous and asynchronous datalogger

Libraries and features : Alarm management, commands, events, FTP/MAIL send, HTTP

Log and real-time ModBUS / Ethernet variables, I/O channels, thresholds, controls and bit operations management

Firmware update and remote configuration via ftp and webserver

ModBUS TCP-IP, ftp e webserver, http functions

Additional features : Math functions, filters on ModBUS alarms, post/get http function, blocks counter, events block

Certification : CE

Norms : EN 301511, EN 301489-1/7, EN 60950