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T120 is a converter for Thermoresistance PT100/Ni100 with 2,3,4 wires and convert it into 4..20mA loop powered signal. It’s completely configurable through PC software. T120 is suitable for in-head mounting (Pt100). The output signal is not isolated from the input one.

Technical Specification

General Data
Power supply 5..30 Vdc
Power consumption 20mA
Isolation -
Power transducers -
Accuracy 0,1%
Response time <620 ms
Mounting In-Head mounting (PT100)
Available adapter for DIN RAIL guide
Protection Degree IP20
Temperature-40..+85 °C
Dimension Ø 43,7 x 20 mm

Channel Numbers 1
RTD Pt100
Standard: EN 60751/A2 (ITS-90)
Range: -200..+650°C
Min span: 20°C
Sensors with 2, 3, 4 wires
Range: -60..+650°C
Min span: 20°C
Sensors with 2, 3, 4 wires

Channel Numbers 1
Current CURRENT (mA)
4..20, 20..4 mA (2 wire)
Approval CE
Norms EN 50081-2; EN 55011; EN 50082-2; EN 61000-2-2/4; EN
50140/141; EN 61010-1

order codes
Code Description
T120 Loop powered transmitter for Pt100 and Ni100 probes (in head mounting),
Power supply 5..30 Vdc