• One For allIndustrial Automation , Instrumentation & Valve


Movicon™ 11 is the best solution available today for all companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory control application, user interface and data acquisition software. With exclusive “XML-Inside”  technology the revolutionary Movicon™ 11 innovations offer a comprehensive development environment for managing  HMI, SCADA, Soft-Logic and statistical production data analysis applications enabling design engineers to minimize development time and provide users with powerful, open,flexible and easy to maintain solutions.


 Automation Platform.NExT™ is a software architecture designed for building the foundations of modern automation software.  It is an open and scalable platform, based on .NET using the latest software technologies and modular concepts with “plug in” technology.  An industrial software architecture made more open and scalable with integrated functional modules tIt is fully capable of managing all business enterprise needs in the most efficient and effective way possible. This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision,  HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis.

Technical Specification

  • XML Technology
  • Web Client based on Java & Web Services
  • Enhanced Graphics Libraries (SVG)
  • Alarm Management & Data Logger
  • Dynamic Language Change
  • Historical & real-time trends, Data Analysis
  • Recipe Management
  • Powerful Reporting
  • OPC XML DA Client
  • Networking
  • Redundancy
  • Multi-Drivers
  • PLC Drivers & Standard Protocols included
  • Supporting IEC 60870
  • SMS/Voice/Fax/E-mails
  • Event Historical log
  • IP Camera
  • Dynamic Trends
  • OPC DA or UA client
  • Alarm Statistic
  • Schedulers
  • Powerful Users Security & CFR21-Ready
  • Multi-thread VBA
  • Unicode support