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FieldChart for Windows® supports communication and management of data collected by FieldLogger and other devices from NOVUS, such as controllers and indicators.
Easy to use, no previous training is required. It transfers data to the computer, plotting on-line and recording data. It features zoom, table view, charts overlap, printing and table data export to spreadsheets or text editors. When “online” it communicates with up to 8 FieldLogger units or 64 controllers or indicators, thus making possible to monitor and plot up to 64 channels of analog variables. High and Low alarms can be assigned to each channel.

Technical Specification

  • Channel data is presented as chart and digital display
  • Online monitoring of data in the Modbus network
  • Up to 8 channels per chart
  • Data recorder: samples of each channel are stored in disk at programmable intervals
  • Stored data displayed as chart or data table
  • Exports stored data in XLS and TXT formats
  • 8 channels version: 1 chart display. Enables to display up to 8 channels of 1 FieldLogger or of 8 variables in different NOVUS devices
  • 64 channels version: Display up to 8 charts. Enables to display up to 8 channels of 8 FieldLoggers or of 64 variables in different NOVUS devices
  • Communication protocol: Modbus RTU Master. Enables reading operations in NOVUS devices connected to the Modbus network
  • Communication Interface; Single serial port, selectable from 1200 to 57600 bps
  • FieldLogger data download: can transfer batch of data from FieldLogger memory to PC files
  • Includes a menu option to start FieldLogger configurator software
  • Individual supervision of alarms for each monitored variable, with visual and audible warning
  • Chart handling: Zoom, merge and overlap