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  • SENECA has been registered in NIGC vendor list

    SENECA has been registered in NIGC vendor listSee News Details
  • NEW Product of SENECA

    Digital LED indicators S-Series now includes a new 4-digit display unit equipped with voltage current Signal Generator function and a V, mA, Ohm analog input. See News Details
  • RPS Industrial automation conference in Esfahan steel company

    RPS presented its compatibilities, abilities & solutions in this conferenceSee News Details
  • eX700 Series a revolution in HMI by EXOR INTERNATIONAL.

    A beautiful product, with tremendous technical flexibility backed by a company with 45 years in the industry and with a market price similar to previous models.See News Details
  • “The first national water economy Conference / Exhibition, Tehran, Iran, July 26th and 27th, 2016”

    section L3, Milad conference hall, Tehran at July 26th and 27th .See News Details

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