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RPS is leading engineering supplier of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Valve offering variety of products and solutions to different industries.
RPS is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company Founded in 2002 as an Industrial Automation & Instrumentation company. After several years of offering engineering and system integration services to industries in 2006 was granted the first exclusive agency from Italian company SENECA, manufacturer of Automation Products. Immediately In 2007 RPS was granted exclusive agency of another Italian company G.M. International, one of the most famous manufacturers of Intrinsically Safe Products for Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Market in the world. By specific strategic business plan, Focusing on target markets, and Potential customers RPS could do a great job and made this name as one of the main competitors in the market.
RPS developed its activities not only in Instrumentation but also in Valve Business and involved in that seriously in 2010 when could get exclusive agency of FAMAT, a Swiss company expert in engineering and supplying different kind of valves to many industries.

Now after more than a decade RPS is well know Engineering Supplier of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Valve offering to different Industries, exclusive agent of several European companies and approved by many organizations and have got different certificates:  
-  Approved Supplier of MAPNA (biggest Power Plant General Contractor)
-  Approved Supplier of MOP (Ministry of Petroleum)
-  Approved Supplier of NIGC (National Iranian Gas Company)
-  Approved Supplier of NISOC (National Iranian South Gas Company)
-  Qualified by MIMT (Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade)
-  Member of ISICE (Iranian Society of Instrument & Control Engineer)
-  Member of Iranrd (Iranian R&D center)
-  ISO 9001:2008 Certified
RPS offers wide range of services and Products...
Sales Engineering & Consulting, Site Visit, Technical & Commercial Proposal,System Integration, Installation, Educational & Training Courses / Seminars

*     Sales Engineering & Consulting
In our opinion selling such complicated products needs engineering knowledge and most of the times customers need engineering services in addition to the quotation. We offer engineering & consultancy to be 100% sure that our solution is match to the application.
*    Site Visit
In some special cases or projects, site visit is mandatory to see different aspects of the project and necessary to provide a practical applicable proposal.
*    Technical & Commercial Proposal
We provide Technical & Commercial proposals based on customer requirements and technical specifications as well as technical clarifications and modifications to have a final proposal completely satisfying the client demands with minimum possible deviation.
*     System Integration
We do complete system integration from software and hardware engineering to Installation and commissioning in site.
*    Final Inspection
coordinating and supervising the final inspection before shipment.
*    Logistic
Organizing all deliveries on ex- works, CFA, FOB, CIS and the prompt submitted of all necessary shippnig document.
*    Educational & Training Services
Although sometimes our sales procedure is really like a training course and we have to train the people how to select or use the products, we can also provide some official educational or training services in customer’s location or in our conference room in our office that is equipped with Video Projection system.
Till now, we have held many training courses for big consultant and EPC companies.
We provide Technical / Commercial proposal based on client’s requirements and data sheets through well-Known high quality manufacturers. 
  - Flow Transmitters
Flow measurement (Liquid, Gas and Steam)
Level Transmitters/Switches/Gauges
Level measurement (Liquid and bulk solid)
- Pressure Transmitters/Switches/Gauges

  - Pressure measurement (Gauge, Absolute and Differential pressure)
Temperature Transmitters/Switches/Gauges (RTD and Thermocouple)
- Analyser PH, Turbidity, Conductivity, Oxygen Chlorine,Nitrate,Nitrite Phosphate

  - Tank Gauging System
- Static Inventory Control and Static Custody Transfer

  - Metering systems
  - Dynamic Custody Transfer
Gas Flow Control

As Exclusive Agent of FAMAT, Swiss company with more than 35 year of experience in Engineering & Supplying Industrial Valves, we offer full range of Valves to EPC contractors and end users. Clients can take advantage of sourcing all required valves only with one supplier.

We provide offer based on customer technical specifications and datasheets for almost all kind of valves as below:
-  Globe, Gate, Check Valve
-  Ball & Plug Valves
-  Butterfly Valve       
-  Control Valve
-  Customized Valves
-  Protective Equipment (Air Vacuum Valves, Strainers…. )
-  Sampling Valves
-  Safety Valve
-  High Pressure Valve
-  High Temperature Valve
Industrial Automation

We offer variety of products through our exclusive partnership with well-known Manufacturers SENECA, PROGEA, NOVUS

-  Data Acquisition & Remote Control System
-  Signal Conditioning
-  Telemetry systems
-  SCADA / HMI Software
-  Intrinsically Safe Products for Hazardous Areas
-  DCS
-  ESD
Mission & Vision
 Our mission is:

*  To be a reliable & Reputable Supplier.
*  Delivery of high quality products with
*  reasonable prices to our customers.
*  Absorbing new reliable partners to
*  complete our portfolio.
*  Introducing New Technologies with high-tech and          unique products to the Market
*  Fulfilling our obligations.
*  Increasing our share of the Market.
    Our Vision is:

* To be the biggest and most reliable professional            supplier in the country and region.